Welcome to UWHousing4Rent.com. Offering affordable, privately-owned apartments, homes, and parking near the University of Washington. We provide housing of all sizes from 3 to 8 bedrooms. Contact us today to rent your next home, apartment or parking: (206) 683-4001 or uwrentals1@goldmansite.com.

Frequently Asked Questions:



Gerry Goldman: 206-683-4001 Manager
Cathy Goldman: 206-852-9001 Manager
Valerie Goldman: 206-353-9444 Screening 

Emergency Numbers

Fire-Medical-Police-Sheriff (Emergency ONLY): 911
Ambulance-American Medical Response: 206-444-4444
Children’s Hospital Emergency Room: 206-987-2222
Crisis Clinic: 206-461-3222
Fire Department Non-Emergency: 206-386-1400
Hall Health: 206-685-1011
Harborview Emergency Room: 206-731-3074
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center: 800-825-7273
METRO: 206-553-3000
Poison Center: 206-526-2121
Police, Non-Emergency: 206-625-5011
Swedish Hospital Emergency Room: 206-386-2573
University of Washington Hospital: 206-548-3300
UW Police:206-543-9331

Utility Services

Comcast: 800-266-2278
Electrical Outage Hotline: 206-684-7400
Electricity – Seattle City Light: 206-684-3000
Gas – Puget Sound Energy: 888-225-5773
Oil (47238 18th Ave.) – Sound Oil Company: 206-725-6300
Oil (5204 18th Ave) – Genesee Fuel Company: 206-722-1545
Qwest Phone Company: 206-345-5552
Water Sewer, Garbage-Seattle Public Utilities: 206-684-3000

What is required to lease the property?

Applications completed in full plus a $50 Screening fee from each tenant.  References will be checked and applicants will be considered on a “first come” basis. If you are approved, you must sign and return the Lease Agreement within 2 days of receipt, together with the full holding deposit. Please note that if you withdraw your application or you or your references fail to respond to questions regarding your application, your screening fee will not be returned to you.  Otherwise, if you are not approved, your screening fee will be returned to you.

How many people may live in each unit?

Only one tenant per bedroom is permitted.  However, we may permit an additional tenant in large rooms for $200 per month additional rent.  The permitted number of tenants in each unit will be expressly stated in the Lease Agreement.

What payment is required at move-in in September?

First and last months’ rent; and first month’s deposit for utilities, yard maintenance, pest control and professional exit cleaning, as applicable for your unit, that will be provided and paid for by Lessor during the year.

How do I obtain parking?

Available parking on site is included in the rent for all free standing houses.  Available parking may be rented for the year in varying amounts at all multi-family buildings.  Please note that lessor may rent to third parties any parking at multi-family buildings not leased by building tenants.

What if I park in someone else's space and/or elsewhere on property or lawn?

You will be charged $50 per incident.

May I sublet?

No more than approximately one-third of the tenants may sublet at any one time (the actual permitted number will be stated in the Lease Agreement). The process to sublet is as follows: Applicant subletter must complete application in full, plus pay a $50 screening fee, which will be retained regardless of whether or not applicant is approved. If applicant subletter is approved, you will pay a $100 sublet transfer fee. An addendum to the Lease Agreement will be prepared for signature by you, all other existing tenants, and the new tenant. Please note that you will remain responsible under the original Lease Agreement, and that we will retain the original security deposit on the property.

What do I do if repairs are required (plumbing, electrical, gas, oil, appliances, structural, or other)?

Please contact lessor immediately.  You may also contact utility companies directly. Please note that tenant will be charged for repair of any damages caused by tenants.

May I repaint my room?

Only with lessors prior approval.

Who is responsible to maintain the yard?

The tenant must maintain the yard at all free standing houses.  The lessor will maintain the yard at all multi-family properties.

What happens if my rent is late?

You will be charged $75 initial fee, plus $40 per day until paid.

What happens if I pay with a NSF check?

You will be charged $50 for each NSF check.

During what hours must the noise level be kept at a minimum out of courtesy to other tenants and neighbors?

10:00 PM to 8:00 AM

How many guests may be on property at one time?

This varies by property, and is stated in the Lease Agreement.

May I smoke on property?

Smoking is not permitted inside the building.

Are pets permitted?


May I have a waterbed, piano, or other heavy objects in the property?

Only with lessor’s prior approval.

May I put a lock on my room?

You may only add a non-keyed turnlock on the inside of the door, and a copy of the key to the outside of the door must be provided to lessor.

What should I do to prevent damage if outside temperatures go below freezing (32 degress)

  • Keep all rooms heated to at least 60°
  • Run one faucet lukewarm (hot both hot and cold water equally) continuously – just a slow continuous drip is sufficient to prevent freezing.
  • Cover outside faucets with foam protectors (available at any hardware store).
  • Know where your water shut off valve is in case of emergency flooding.

What if we want to re-rent for next year?

  • Contact us as soon as you know.
  • You will be approved based on our prior experience with you and applications from any new tenants.
  • The screening fee of $50 per person will only be required from new tenants to your group.
  • We will let you know if the rent will change.
  • If approved, new leases will be prepared.
  • The amount of any new holding deposit will depend on the number of prior year tenants remaining.
  • Usually, no new cleaning fee will be required; however, we will ask you to have any carpets professionally cleaned at the start of the new lease.
  • If requested, we will do a walk through with you of your unit at the start of the new lease and advise you of the estimated cost of any damages. You will want to assure that the new and remaining holding deposit for the new lease will cover all potential costs. Please note that it is difficult to assess the amount of damage without all belongings being removed, and as such, always assume that there is some hidden damage.